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Updates 9/7/13

I Wanna Be A Voice Actor PSA

Written by Adam Tilford
Narrator and "Billy": Austin Lee Matthews
Amateur: Mike Varker
Special Pro: Kyle Hebert
Music: "Folli the Foal" Andrew Fenner

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Episode 1 "The Path Laid Out"

An original mecha animated web series based off the novel series of the same name.
A hundred years has passed since the rebirth of humanity. A new world, born from a catastrophe of its own making. The world has grown and technology has advanced. Genesis Global, the world's fore front developer of mechanized frames continue to help educate new generations. The New Year is upon us. For each year, a new path is revealed

Official song " Broken Machine" performed by Amanda Lee and written by Luke Thomas is now available!





Blog Updates

9/5/13 - September Updates


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